• The start of my adventure drawing my cute lil’ dog, go down memory lane with me as they’re all in order of oldest to newest! You get to also see my art style advancing as time goes on, something I’m really proud of.

    Note, the emotes I drew won’t be showing up on here because….They’re an ongoing project and there’s far too many, so please understand them not being here!

The first version of Skydog (Although then it was more Skywolf!), I don’t really count this one as part of the “Skydog Drawings” due to it not being the same in almost any way, including art style, but it’s nice to see how it looked, in like an early prototype version!
Made on April 12th 2019.

The original Skydog image, created on
Oct. 27th 2019. I try and celebrate it the
best I can if I’m able to!!! Yes, it was inspired
by Parappa and Warioware. I realize the Parappa similarity aha…

Skydog sleeping with the kirb plush… They love this plush, and will sleep with it all the time! <3
Made on November 3rd 2019.

It’s pretty dang cold out there! This Skydog is starting to be where I get the basic current outfit from, with some slight minor changes as time goes on. I’m really happy with the color scheme it all had.
Made on Nov. 9th 2019.

Sobble, Sobble! This was a twitter request by one of my real life friends, and it’s a very cute drawing I feel, though kind of similar to the last one haha. I still really like it a bunch though!
Made on Nov. 13th 2019.

Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle…. This was my first animation attempt using my character. I actually really like it but I would definitely re-do it now if I had the time and motivation to do so.
Made on April 6th 2020.

Small dog…Or tall bun. (It’s just a tall bun) This is a bunny girl character I made that I really have to work on more sometime…But I was happy with the cute lil’ skydog I drew here. It’s also kinda the start of me being more comfortable with more full body type drawings.
Created on April 17th 2020.

It’s cool dog! This is another one of my “Full body” test drawings, I’m really happy with this one, though I would HEAVILY redo the face now, aha. I still really like it, and it’s what I use for references a lot still….until I redraw it someday.
Created on April 21 2020.

We jammin’. This is obviously super heavily inspired by Helltaker’s dance. But, A lot of people really enjoy this and it’s even one of my BTTV emotes at the moment! I’m really happy with it!
Created on June 10th 2020.

A skyguy, and a skydog! This was actually a commission I got, and getting a commission to draw my own dog was possibly the best thing ever. Also, look at that cute lil’ skyguy…. I want a plush of one. . . . . .
Created on July 21st 2020.

Thanks for 100!! This was my 100 follower twitter drawing, I think it’s a little weird anatomy wise, but I’m really happy with it and grateful I even got that many. It’s also easy to edit out the Thanks for 100 and put in a funny image there instead.. wink wink
Created on July 22nd 2020.

“Come, Sukuna-Hikona!” This is my halloween drawing of my Skydog wearing Naoto Shirogane’s (Persona 4) outfit! I think it came out super well, and this is also the start of what I like to officially call “The Big Sky Tail” era of Skydog.
Created on October 26th 2020.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SKYDOG!!!! This is the one year anniversary drawing I did of them, I’m really happy I got to even make a birthday drawing for a character I made, it was super special to me to make it far enough with art to even be able to do this.
Created on Oct 27th 2020.

Smug dog…. This was actually a really fast like… 30-40 minute drawing I did while my internet went out. It was also a new style test for the eyes especially, and I love how it came out. Drawing smug skydog is always super fun to me!
Created on December 10th 2020.

Flying through space, inspired heavily by an image by my good friend Kappy. I had to make it into my own version with my own art style after seeing that, and it came out super cute in my opinion!
Made on December 19th 2020.

That’s not a dog…. This also *technically* doesn’t fall under Skydog art, but it’s a re-do of the original first version I did, in two of my current styles, so I wanted to show it off here too! I really, really like how it came out.
Created on December 30th 2020.

Who let this dogs out into space…. This was the start of me adding Clyde into things I do. It means a lot to me, but if you read the info page about Sky, you’d understand why I think.
Made on January 8th 2021.

Post this dog.
Made on January 23rd 2021.

Small little animation I made, it was just a test one. But I think it looks nice and Iike the tail wagging!!
It was also not really meant to be a snow environment, but it worked out that way!
Made on March 20th 2021.

Another art test, testing out a style that happens to not have any outlines, I actually really like this and want to do way more in this style.
Made on
March 20th 2021.

This was done as a April Fools drawing. Do not take this seriously.
Made on
April 1st 2021.

This was done in the style of the Helltaker video game, same as the dance gif a bit above. I really like how this turned out because I think I did the style really nicely!!
Made on
May 17th 2021.

This is the new update to the design, and also the new reference! I love the new small additions, and the hat is extra cute in my opinion! Please enjoy it.
Made on
June 3rd 2021.

Made on
July 23rd 2021.

Me in the DMC2 Dante outfit, I don’t really have any witty commentary for this but it looks nice it in the end I think!! I really love how it came out!
Made on July 25th 2021.

Made on August 19th 2021.

Made on October 13th 2021.

This is an extra cute one I think, I love how it came out and it was also a brush test! I was testing out a new brush on the outline & the coloring/shading. I hope it came out well!
Made on November 21st 2021.

Thank you for scrolling all the way through my Skydog drawings. I hope you enjoyed seeing the style change over time, and getting a small history of how they’ve advanced throughout the short amount of time they’ve been here for.
Thank you.