Curious about my twitch channel point redeems?

Here's a quick summary of some, and additional information about some specific ones! ...Yes, a lot of them are inside jokes from the stream. You'll learn by hanging out on stream!

Throw your hard earned channel points (referred to as Bones) into the Dog Gotcha Machine for a chance to win some cute art! (They're all good)

Spin a wheel with only good results! Note: This is currently being reworked. Expect it to live again soon and in Version 4.0!

Throw bones at the dog?? Why....??

You can totally headpat the dogboy!!! Awww...that's so cute right?


Summon a skycar to drive by the screen! Comes in multiple variations and noises!

Call for help just like a Jinjo from Banjo Kazooie would!

Whenever you want, you can make the dogboy explode! Ow!

Give me a terrible rank anytime you want. Not that I deserve it, but... y'know... You can if you wanted....... *cries*

With all the chat power you can collect, perhaps you can pray to strike me down with a bonestrike from above. Good luck.

Start a breakdancing dogboy session!!!

You can summon......this....guy......??

This is all for now!!! Check back later for more updates to this page!