Commissioner:Status of the Commission:
Aoi Overlay / Not Sketched / Unpaid
Scar3 Emotes / Not Sketched / Unpaid
TanookiFull Body +1 Char / Not Sketched / Unpaid
LazSketch +1 Char / Not Sketched / Unpaid
KakoNeco Arc / Not Sketched / Unpaid
  • Things I will happily draw:
    • Original Characters or VTuber designs
    • Light Furry characters
    • Kemonomimi Characters
    • Characters from various media
    • NSFW (Will not be posted onto my account currently)
  • Things I will not draw:
    • Extreme mecha/robotic designs (Like a gundam/transformer or something crazy like that)
    • Gore
    • Hateful content
    • Content made for NFT/Crypto reasoning
  • Example of VTube Basic Rig
  • Notes about Live2D rigging:
    • Will be $150 base price, with an extra $25 for each emote/expression added on after the third
    • You’re welcome to message me back about updating the model later on for small fixes, big changes or outfit swaps, etc. will have to be negotiated price wise however.
    • I only really do a basic-ish rig, I’m not the most complicated rigger around here. If you’re looking for something really complex with a ton of advanced features, I would suggest seeking one of the other VTube rigging people who can do super fancy things with it 🙂

  • Commission Process Info:
    • Please send me your references and commission information to either:
    • My twitter account ( )
    • Or to my discord (SkyRocketDog)
    • Or to my email (
    • These are to be used for personal use only. If you wish to have them for commercial use, please let me know, and we can work out a simple price.
  • Quick Notes About Live2D Art:
    • I’m still very new to it and figuring it out, however, I want to add this an option for people to grab. The pricing may change a tiny bit depending on complexity and design, as well as how much extra things you want added.
    • Keep in mind I will draw it in my own art style, so you should definitely only get it if you like my art style specifically.
    • Extra stuff such as more than 3 emotions/expressions will probably add to the price, but it shouldn’t be too crazy of a expense.
    • If there is anything you want changed afterwards, or if there happens to be something wrong that the person who rigging it needs fixed or literally anything else you need changed, I will gladly help you, just reach back out to me.

  • Payment Info:
    • Commissions will be paid via Paypal. Will be sending an invoice to your account and after a sketch is sent (or before in the case of you ordering just a sketch).
    • I have the right to cancel any commission and refund if I feel it is necessary.
    • If you wish to cancel a commission yourself, please tell me before it becomes too late, the earlier the better.

  • Post Payment:
    • You will be sent WIP images at every stage unless not needed, please make changes to it before it reaches too far of a point. You may ask for additional updates and such too.
    • Commissions will be sent to you in high quality via email, or a file upload.
    • Commissions I take will be posted on my social medias unless either requested not to, or just due to not fitting my own personal posting tastes, I apologize if that happens.

  • Extra Info:
    • Commission’s take me a bit of time due to balancing multiple things (Real life job, Streaming, Drawing) so please don’t be upset if they take a slight bit of time.
    • As said in the image above, there will be no accepting of NSFW, Mecha, Robots, Gore, or full animalistic furry characters (Like small pokemon characters like Eevee. I’m just not good at them, sorry.)